Welcome to my blog. I started it a touch early, from when I picked up the donor car. Since then I’ve done a few things to the donor which aren’t strictly related to the westfield project but it kept me occupied and that’s what counts!

I’d originally scheduled to start in October 2011, but a trip to Stoneleigh soon fixed that! I took advantage of Westfield’s ‘order-at-Stoneleigh-and-get-10%-off-everything’ offer and then having put my deposit down started getting itchy feet! I’ve therefore decided to do the sensible thing and take the donor off the road in July 2011, when the tax, MOT and insurance runs out. I’d originally convinced myself to run it until October and get a summer out of it, but we had good weather over Easter and I think I’d have gotten enough out of it by July. Besides, I’ll get much more out of it when it’s finished!

Current timescales are:

  • Dismantle donor – July 2011
  • Start building – September 2011
  • Completion kit – Dec/Jan 2012
  • IVA – April 2012

We’ll see how that goes!

Thanks for looking and if you have any comments, useful links or whatever please feel free to send them in!



1 Response to About

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Dom,

    Having just purchased an Mazda SDV starter kit I am following your blog with great interest.

    Perhaps you might get intouch?

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