Something I probably should have done whilst building but never mind! As and when I do work on the car I’ll weigh a few components to give me an indication of ideal places to save weight. Here are the results so far:

Westfield fibreglass cycle wing (no fixings) – 1.0kg
Fluke Motorsport Carbon CSR Style Cycle Wing – 0.7kg (with fixings)

Rear calliper (1.8)- 1.64kg

Battery (Halfords OEM style) – 12.0kg
Alternator (mk1) – 5.1kg

Complete MX5 mk1 1.8 BP-ZE engine (both manifolds, water pump, sump, injectors, loom etc) – 114kg
Inlet manifold (bare, no throttle body) – 12.5kg
Mk2.5 crank – 17kg
Mk2.5 bare block – 31kg
Mk2 bare head – 12kg
Mk2.5 piston and rod (inc cap and bearings) – 0.98kg

OEM exhaust manifold – 4.28kg
Westfield exhaust link pipe (OEM manifold to silencer) – 1.16kg
Westfield 4 into 1 exhaust manifold – 4.82kg
Westfield 5 1/2″ silencer inc. cat – 4.9kg
TD04L-13T Turbo – 5.56kg
Turbo manifold – 3.14kg

Westfield sports turbo seat inc runners – 11.6kg

Westfield catch tank- 0.6kg

Rota Slipstream (15×7) + Yokohama Parada Spec 2 (195/50/15), full tread- 13.54kg
Mazda OEM wheel (14×6) + Toyo R888 (185/60/14) – 12.56kg

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