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Chasing the elusive coolant leak

Ever since the car was built (and technically before whilst the engine was in the MX5) there’s always been a coolant leak of some sort. I fixed most of them whilst the engine was out during the build but one … Continue reading

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‘Horse Meet’

Given the recent news surrounding this horse meat kerfuffle I thought it best to check on my horses.¬†Matt was already dropping his Westfield off at BTec racing for his carbs to be rebuilt and Stu was getting a go on … Continue reading

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Registration still continues

12th February 2013 At the end of January I had a problem in that I couldn’t tax the Westfield because the online system said it needed an MOT. I phoned the DVLA for assistance and they suggested that if I … Continue reading

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Registration continues

9th January 2013 Yes. It’s taking this long! Just got a letter from the DVLA local office. I feel between Swansea and them they’ve got the idea that I’m trying to register it as a brand new vehicle. Well, they’re … Continue reading

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Problems and upgrades

1st September 2012 The engine is still leaking coolant. Well it’s leaking from the pipe at the bottom of the header tank so that might get replaced with silicone but it’s also leaking from above the oil pressure switch which … Continue reading

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