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Action Clutch (Stage 3) – Review

Now that the clutch has done one reasonable journey, one commute to work and one track day I felt it was time to write it up. Ok, so that’s not enough time to comment on the reliability of it but … Continue reading

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Action Clutch (Stage 3)

As mentioned previously, on the last track day I was having issues with the standard (possibly pattern part I think) clutch slipping on the quicker gear changes. It was fine otherwise. However, it was dealing with double the power it … Continue reading

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Mapping by Skuzzle Motorsport

Soon enough, Thursday arrived which was the day it was booked in with Skuzzle Motorsport near Winchester for mapping. I’d already filled the tank (and a 10l jerry can) with fuel, and also on the fluid front I chucked in … Continue reading

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Road mapping

Spent the last couple of days sorting the idle out. Still won’t start without throttle but it’s happy enough after about a minute. I’m not turning the idle control valve on or anything yet so that it doesn’t interfere with … Continue reading

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Injectors, intake temp sensor and wiring

Didn’t get the car fired up today, but still made some good progress. I removed the inlet manifold to start looking at the oil sensors I was fitting. It was so much easier with the bike throttle bodies – 4 … Continue reading

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