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Welcome to the blog covering my Westfield build, from the very start (perhaps, before the start if you look at it that way). It all started sat at work during a quiet period, wondering how I could get my Nissan 200sx to drive how I’d like. It was looking like over a grand just on suspension bits, and I couldn’t justify spending that on it.  Somehow though, I managed to justify a Westfield build, considerably more than that grand! Considerably more rewarding too I hope.

I knew I wanted to build it myself, and I knew I didn’t want to go for a modular kit for cost reasons, though I’m sure I’ll regret that. Some time ago, I’d seen the story on PistonHeads regarding the Mazda SDV and that seemed to tick all the right boxes. I thus promptly traded the 200sx in for a 1996 1.8 MX5.

The plan is to drive the MX5 for the summer whilst saving the required funds for the kit. As such, this blog will detail the trials and tribulations of a short period of MX5 ownership too.

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