New wheels

As part of the deal struck with Ben when trading cars, I could have a set of Rota rims of my choice. Unfortunately for Ben, I’m as bad as the missus with shoes when it comes to wheels! This was made doubly hard because the wheels I chose would have to fit a car that I hadn’t built yet!

I phone the Westfield factory for advice on offsets but unfortunately they didn’t have an SDV build to hand so couldn’t tell me what would and wouldn’t fit. I then tried the wscc forums and they came up trumps.

I thus finally decided on 15×7 Rota Slipstreams in black, ET40. At first I thought the offset was quite high and it might look a little weedy in the MX5 arches, but I was quite pleased with the end results!

The wheels also needed tyres. Fortunately, RareRims came up trumps with 195/50/15 Yokohama Parada II for under £40 each!

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