Continuing the coolant saga… and factory visit booked!

So whilst the parts required are winging their way to me via royal mails finest I thought I’d get on a strip it back down, again, ready for when they arrive.

Where's that housing?

As you can (or can’t) see, the housing is hidden underneath the coilpack and the CAS sensor, so it’s a bit of a git to get too. Nothing is too complicated though, all bolt on/bolt off stuff. Caveat being on the CAS sensor of course which has to be aligned properly, hence the markings. Off came the coil pack, HT leads and CAS sensor.

There it is!

Top view

That wasn’t quite all that needed removing, I had to unbolt the EGR pipe from the inlet manifold and shift that out of the way. Eventually the housing was liberated and did suggest it had been leaking from the bottom. I hope. Unfortunately the camera flash hid any evidence I may have convinced myself was there!

It's free!

So we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

On a much more positive note, I’ve booked a factory visit for April 13th! I intend to get plenty of information out and pick up a build manual so I can get on with some proper planning, and bring some realism to it all.

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