New bits – coilovers

Anyone would think I’m keeping this car and not using it as a donor!

For some time I’d been dithering on whether to change the suspension on the mx5. In all honesty, it was the ride height I was least happy with – the standard suspension items seemed to be in good nick.

My biggest fear was ruining the handling, coupled with the idea of spending money on the mx5 that was largely pointless for the westfield build. I could have opted for lowering springs, which would have been a compromise on standard shocks. Or I could have opted for the ebay special coilovers doing the rounds for ~£180 delivered. Reviews seemed to be ok for them, but they were considered soft and did have a tendency to squeak a lot.

Based on these factors, I decided to save the money and not mess about with the suspension. However, pretty much immediately after, a set of Cusco coilovers came up for sale on mx5nutz. I figured the price I paid for them I should see again when I come to sell them on, so it wasn’t a bad investment. They’re not the greatest on the planet having no damper adjustment, but they are dual perch and should improve the handling.

I should get around to fitting them on Sunday along with the rear brakes. I’ll then need to squeeze in an alignment session before next Thursday when it’s off to France.

Sometimes I do question my intelligence lowering the car before a road trip!

In the mean time, factory tour tomorrow where I should pick up a build manual. Then, I can start planning the build and the whole project slowly starts to become a reality. Yikes!


Edit: On closer inspection, they do have damper adjustment. Bonus!

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