Handbrake fitting

The handbrake was the next victim. It looked straight forward enough, but the pre-drilled holes the manual alluded to weren’t there. Still, I was confident in my ability to drill a couple of holes. I bolted the lever up to the rear bracket and got ready to mark the holes.

Ok, whilst drilling into thin air isn’t entirely difficult, it doesn’t offer a lot to bolt onto. Maybe the lever is supposed to be angled down:

The holes would just about be inside the bar. But, the handbrake wouldn’t disengage:

The lever isn’t fully closed here and it was already touching the top of the tunnel.

A quick consultation of the WSCC and it was established that the rear bracket merely needs to be persuaded backwards. So, with the aid of a large spanner, this was duly done and it fits perfectly.

I still need to fit the cables properly. The rear left brake is binding so I need to sort that first.

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