Intake fitting

I’d researched into fitting an induction kit and worked out it’d cost me £220, plus the wait for the silicone hoses as I’d want them in orange. I’ve now come to the conclusion that I’ll be going with throttle bodies over winter so it seemed pointless spending the money now. I thus reduced the airbox to it’s component parts and fitted it into the gap in front of the engine. Years of tetris prove their worth! Oddly though, if I use the passenger side mount for it, the box would be in the crank pulley. I’ve put a strip of metal in to bridge the gap.

and after butchering the standard intake pipe… christ this thing is getting dusty.

I needed two hose clips for the flexible ducting to attach the airbox to the intake and once they arrived, I connected it all together. All I can see is orange dust though. There’s a reason for that – next post…

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