Interior fitting

Over the next couple of days I concentrated on fitting the interior. I’d tried to hold this off until the end but I got carried away. It was just the dash fitting left that would get the interior dirty anyway. Mr. Dyson can solve that!

First up, the passenger seat holes had to be drilled. There are already holes in the floor but the sport turbo has different runners which are slightly wider. Two new holes have to be drilled near the originals.

So with the right holes in the floor pan the carpets could be fitted. The rear carpet was first, then the finishing strip then the tunnel carpet. The tunnel carpet had already had the handbrake and gear lever gaitors sewn in thanks to my partner’s mum. Glad I didn’t have to do that! It just needed further trimming for the fuse box and where the rear loom comes through the tunnel.

Then the carpet under the seats. I initially used velcro tape to hold this down like the rest – then when I started running out I realised that wasn’t needed because the seats hold it in. Oops!

And then the footwell carpet.

Lastly the seats and harnesses found their way into the car. Had to tap out the harness bolt holes – would have been nice if Westfield could tap the holes out after powdercoating. Maybe they do, I did rush them on that front after all (picked up the chassis the morning it arrived back from the powdercoaters).

Quite glad I didn’t go for orange piping on the carpets as well now, think it’s just right on the seats only.

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