Registration continues

9th January 2013

Yes. It’s taking this long!

Just got a letter from the DVLA local office. I feel between Swansea and them they’ve got the idea that I’m trying to register it as a brand new vehicle. Well, they’re half right but I’m not after anything but an age related plate.
“As your vehicle was rebuilt using the majority of major components from the Mazda your vehicle was allocated the original registration back. When this happens all the original information (previous keepers, license history etc.) will stay the same only the make, model and body type if required will be amended to reflect the changes made.”

Of course, on the DVLA website it says:

You can apply to keep a rebuilt vehicle’s original registration number if you can prove you’ve used:

  • the original unmodified chassis or bodyshell (car or light van)
  • a new chassis or monocoque bodyshell of the same specification as the original (car or light van)
  • an unmodified frame, either original or new (motorbike)

Tax runs out at the end of this month, just put the reference number in and they’ve updated the make as “WESTFIELD SEIW”. Why would you do that? Who let the work experience kid register my car?

10th January 2013

Back on the phone to DVLA Swansea. It seems like the DVLA are under the impression that I’ve rebodied the MX5, despite the inspection and being told I had more than enough points. They initially said I had to write a letter into Swansea which I said is how I started this all off back in September. I’ve now got to write a letter into Bristol and persuade them that they’re wrong.

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