Pre IVA rushing!

7th August 2012

I think I’m roughly where I want to be. Handbrake is impossible to sort without doing something drastic, but I’ve tightened the tolerances on the rear calipers and it’s harder to hit the chassis with the lever now. You can just about do it on full extension.

The reverse light is working – it’s using a microswitch on the tunnel top that is hit when the gear lever goes into reverse. This then splices back into the rear loom so a pretty neat solution.

I’ve misplaced half of my nut covers for the front wishbone area. Not sure how. I think I’ve left them in a pocket so I’ll go through the wardrobe tomorrow! Otherwise I followed the advice given by the tester and filed down the track rod ends to make a nice smooth radius. I then cut up a nut cover to go over the locking nut. To go a bit further I’ve also wrapped the extensions in self amalgamating tape which has blunted it nicely.

So every point on the retest has been looked at with the only iffy bit being the handbrake, and the nut covers if I can’t find them! I don’t need to leave until 1:30 tomorrow so there’s a bit of spare time after work. It’s traditional to leave things till the last minute anyway!

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