The adventure to home

8th August 2012 – 16:00

The RAC man has arrived, then another one who needed to borrow something from his van. They both had a good look around the vehicle trying to ascertain why it was using coil packs like consumables. Eventually we noticed that there was no earth strap on the engine. I have no idea how it was actually earthing! We added a strap from the block direct to the battery and set about sourcing a new coil pack.

I’d already called around the local motor factors I could find on my phone with no success. However, a bit of local knowledge works wonders and the RAC guy tracked one down. A shame it was the other side of Bristol during rush hour but to his credit he willingly made the journey to get it. Think that took him over an hour by which time the VOSA centre had closed so I’d wheeled myself just outside the gates. I wished I’d fitted a radio!

When he got back he quickly swapped it over and it fired up straight away. With the earth strap it was a lot quicker to start and I noticed some of the gauges were reading a bit higher. With the engine having a better earth it must have increased the voltages.

No further dramas on the way home and I made full use of my last no-number-plate drive!


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