Still chasing that leak

Finally got the cooling system back together today. In the end, I only replaced the pipes to and from the oil cooler but obviously with all the rain the motivation wasn’t there hence why it’s taken so long. Fired the engine up, let it warm up to 80 degrees, check there’s no air leaks and job done. Come back half an hour later and there’s a small puddle under the oil cooler. Doh!

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’ve made the leak worse. You can actually see it dripping now and it certainly wasn’t those pipes. It’s dripping onto the oil pressure switch, away from the block slightly. I got confused for quite a while and admitted defeat that I’d have to remove the head. It didn’t make sense though as if it were coming from the head/block surface it would trickle down the side of the block.

Then I stumbled across this photo, from the last post no less.

Coolant leak 2There, right above the oil pressure sender is a core plug. It does indeed look to be leaking!

Question is, can I get that replaced for Stoneleigh?

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2 Responses to Still chasing that leak

  1. Hope you get the leak sorted! Got my pair of Stoneleigh tickets for the wife and I yesterday. what day are you looking to go Dom? I would love a quick look at your completed build given the current state mine’s in!

    • Dom says:

      Yup, Stoneleigh is the target. Ordered a core plug from Mazda this morning – just have to hope it’s the right size! They couldn’t find a listing for any core plugs in the head which was a bit odd. I’m hoping to go up both days – once on my own for a good look around and once with my son so he can see what he wants to see. I think he’d be more interested in the drive there and back than the show!

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