Hullavington Track Day

So the first real test of the winter upgrades. I took my brave pills and didn’t hire a trailer for this one, betting on the fact that as it has survived being mapped it probably wasn’t going to blow up.

When I arrived I went straight to the sound testing area whilst the engine was still warm. I hate arriving on a trailer then having to unload it and rev it to 4.5k with the engine stone cold! It registered at 98db, up from 95db last year. Limit was 100db so there’s still some scope before I hit that.

During the day the car behaved well. It’s noticeably quicker than before (though as a driver I don’t think I was as quick, bit rusty). Because I was running the cam tensioner spring as a return spring the throttle was quite stiff, so heel/toe became impossible but otherwise the car drove well and the throttle sticking wasn’t really an issue.

Where Mike (1.6 Mazda Westfield) was pretty much just as quick as me down the straights last year, the difference was night and day this time. It’s been a long project (albeit compressed into 2-3 months) but the end result has been worth it for that alone…

When I got home, I had a look at the videos I captured and compared them with last September. I made one comparing the sound of the standard intake and the GSXR throttle bodies. It also gives a sense of the speed difference too.

And here’s a video showing just the highlights of when I met others from our group on the track.

So overall a successful track day. I didn’t do as many laps as usual, though I’m sure I managed to use more fuel.

I also used the datalogger for the first time. I really wanted it for oil pressure readings but I’ve not managed to get the sensor working yet. Looks like I hit a max speed of 106.7mph, probably around 10mph more than before. Max acceleration of 0.6g, max deceleration of -1.2g (no wonder the battery ripped itself out last year) and a max lat force of 1.08g.

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  1. Looks excellent, good work Dommo. Visibly quicker all worth it 🙂

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