Sump refitted, boost control solenoid

Ok, sump is back on, and it wasn’t too bad. Initially I was worried that it wasn’t going well, I just couldn’t get the corner the drain fitting was in to sit flush with the engine. Then I realised I had trapped the drain hose in between the sump and the block. Oops!

As expected, some of the bolts a pig to get to and I’m surprised my arm didn’t fall off from all the spannering in confined spaces. Test fitted the drain hose and all seems fine with the world.

Also got on with plumbing in the boost control solenoid. This is what will allow be to increase the boost pressure above standard wastegate pressure and turn my engine into a really cool firework. I’ve fixed it in place with velcro tape.

With no need to remove the turbo any more, I fitted it with self locking nuts. The idea being they shouldn’t loosen themselves during track work like normal ones are prone to doing. Whether there’s enough thread showing through to lock them enough I don’t no. I also fitted the coolant supply hose and the oil supply hose. I’d have fitted the coolant return hose too, but I’d some how managed to lose the banjo bolt.

A quick search on eBay only turned up banjo bolts from Hong Kong and Japan, which is a bit weird. It was about then I found some new motivation to go and find the Houdini-bolt. It had some how managed to jump off the workbench onto the floor, then run back under the workbench under stuff that hasn’t moved for months. Of course, I didn’t find this until I’d gone through the pain of clearing the workbench and still not finding it.

I fitted the coolant return hose. Because of the way the turbo is orientated it necessitates it pointing vertically. Luckily it can loop back down before hitting the bonnet.

With that done, I can now look to getting some heatproof sleeving for all the wires and start to tidy it all up a bit.

Oh I’ve also finished moving that coolant pipe, but it doesn’t photo very well so no pics I’m afraid.

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