The ‘no real update’ update

Attempted to fit the coilovers today. Didn’t get very far! The bolt holding the bottom of the shock proved to be a worthy foe. It didn’t fit a 17mm socket too snugly, and a 16mm was just a touch too small. Rather than bash about regardless, I decided to leave it instead. Got a trip to France on Thursday and don’t really want to break it before then. I’ll either see if the local garage will do it for cash, or I’ll deal with it when I get back.

Anyway, back to the Westfield build. After putting a plan together, it looks like I’ll be starting in December/January, taking the mazda off the road in October. That is of course if it passes the MOT in July. If not, I’ll probably just expedite things rather than throw money at it. Would be nice to get a whole summer in though!

I’ve also changed my mind on the colour front, going from red to orange. I can see this changing many times, probably several during the course of the Stoneleigh show alone.

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