WSCC – Official BudgetBusters!

I’d always known that I’d want to replace the standard Mazda SDV dash after the build, largely because I’m not a fan of it’s looks. I joined the Westfield Sport Car Club this week and posted a thread summarising my plans. Fortunately a couple of members picked up on a problem with the dash plan in that the scuttle has to be butchered to make the SDV dash fit. This would mean that changing the dash would require changing the scuttle, and that seems a pain in the arse to align properly.

I’m therefore going to try to integrate my ideal dash into the build. ‘Smokey Mow’ (Mark) has written a guide to fitting aftermarket gauges and forwarded to me. A mighty fine bit of work it is too detailing what wires will be needed for what gauges, though mine being a ’96 1.8 might have some different colouring but the general idea should be the same.

So, the new dash plan consists of:

CarbonMods carbon dash:

Click for product page

Whilst this dash isn’t usually IVA friendly, deanoecosse used a door seal on the edges to provide sufficient radius which worked fine. Quite a good idea I thought!

Digital Dash:

Click for product page

This covers all the gauges I think I need and the warning lights too, which helps offset its cost a little bit

Carling switches (from MudStuff):

Click for product page

I’ll be using these switches for the spot lights and cb on the landrover when I finally get round to fitting them. I just like the look of them really, whether they’re more durable than others I don’t know. I will be getting the seals for each one though, just in case. It’s only another 80p each. I’ll also be opting for the plugs that go into the back of them, £1.60 each but should make it all a little bit tidier.

Overall then, I’ve just added another £700 or so to the build. For the record, this is totally the fault of WSCC and nothing to do with me being a tart whatsoever. Current budget is just under £11k which is dangerously close to the cost of a modular build from Westfield that would come with all new parts. I think I’ll have to be careful here, might yet end up with a non-carbon dash and normal gauges if it makes a massive difference.

Current status: 260 tasks planned for, 210 hours. Not yet finished going through the build manual but not far off. Then I have to start working backwards through dismantling the mx5 and prepping the garage/workshop. I’ll probably realise I should have done a lot more by now!

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