Painting update

So with just 2 weeks to go (eek!), I’ve managed to paint a third of the garage. At this rate, I should just have finished when the Westfield goes on the road! Currently looks like I’m 3.57% of the way through the build. Umm… hooray? Spent 20 hours, 369.5 to go!

Now, it’s becoming apparent that using the phone as a camera for this project isn’t really going to cut the mustard. So I’ve been shopping.  The camera was going to spend some time in the garage, in the land rover and in the great outdoors so it had to be reasonably durable. In the end, I opted for the Olympus TG-310.

It's not blurry, you're drunk

The main reason I bought it… being orange it should match the car! Otherwise it takes photos of average quality (its no DSLR), but can survive being dropped 1.5m, submerged to 3m and frozen to -10 degrees. Hopefully, it will be subjected to none of those conditions!

So, this blog can look forward to mildly better photos. Next week should involve fitting a new light to the front of the garage, a bit more painting and building a workbench. The following week should see the painting being finished and then it’s time to start! I can’t see it all being ready in 2 weeks but you never know…

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