Who’s idea was it to paint the garage anyway?

I feel like I’m perpetually painting these bloody walls. Certainly, opting to paint breeze block was not one of my brightest moments. Still, whilst it’s taking a lot of time, and a lot of paint it has definitely brightened the front end of the garage up, so I’ll persist. The problem I’m having is getting the paint into the deeper holes, I may opt to add some filler to the paint to thicken it up for the back half of the garage.

On the positive side, it was VAT free last week at MachineMart, so I took the opportunity of getting a few tools early. With a saving of 20% it seemed worth it.

Ok, it’s not all for the build, a fair few are for the land rover which will be my only car for the duration.

So, there’s just 3 weekends left before it’s time to start dismantling the Mazda. This week I’m hoping to finish off painting the front half of the garage, fit the light above the door and build a new workbench in the store room. Next week will be painting the back half of the garage and so will the week after. At some point in there I need to weld the landrover up. Seeing as I’ve never welded in my life that should be amusing. I think I now fall in the “all the gear no idea” camp.

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