Garage update – workbench done

Jon has been over the past couple of evenings and we’ve manged to finish the new workbench. Pretty simple, knocked up a frame and bolted B&Qs finest kitchen worktop to the top! It’s just over 2.5m long so plenty of space. Also managed to get the vice bolted down but whether I’ve chosen the correct position or not… time will tell.

And yes, I have waaaaay too many wheels and tyres! I think I might sell the set that were on the MX5, they’re unlikely to make it onto the Westfield at any point. The land rover ones will surely get fitted when I work out how much fuel I’ll be using on the ATs!

Finally, painting is still going on:

Need to buy yet another tin, but at least I’ve sussed out a knack now. Ditch the rollers, just lay it on thick with the brush!

Just 10 days to go now…

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