Angle grinder – the tool of last resort

Or should that be first resort. Anyway, before I reveal our sparky antics, I thought it worth mentioning that I did indeed get the light fitted when I got home from work. Just.Still, just is better than not at all and now it’s much brighter at the back, meaning we can work with the door open and get some air flowing! As you can see though, the wall on the right and back could still do with another coat.

Right, back to the important stuff. This is where the offending bolts/nuts were (on each side)

Annoyingly, that doesn’t look too bad so you’ll just have to trust me that everything was horribly corroded! As its such a tight gap we couldn’t really get the grinder in that well, so we ground off the bottom one, then prised the wing/bumper apart slightly to hacksaw off the top one. Repeat on the other side and done! Aside from the clips we missed at the front but they were well behaved for once.

Of course, with the wings off it revealed some untreated rust which would probably have caused me some issues in the future:

Drivers side

Passenger side

Its surprising the passenger side wasn’t worse, you can see the amount of dirt that fell out of it!

So, in summary today I got a bit more of the wiring labelled up (rear loom is now done to the individual wire, where necessary), the wings and doors have been removed, the bonnet is off, washer bottle is out (and emptied into the missus’ car) and now the car is ready to be moved to the middle of the garage and spend its final weeks on axle stands. This wasn’t due to happen to w/c 8th August so quite pleased with that!

16.03% of the way through then apparently. The corrosion underneath should slow me down of course!

That’s it for now until Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to offload a few of the panels taking up space at the back of the garage before things start coming off the underneath!

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