It’s fighting back!

Took a day off the garage yesterday and I think the mazda now knows what is happening to it and is retaliating. I had to cut through a few bolts to get the rear bumper off, but the front bumper has just three left that can’t be cut through with a hacksaw. I’ll show it the angle grinder tomorrow and see how far that gets me! At least if it doesn’t work the sparks will make me look cool. Memo to self: pick up some safety glasses.

On the positive side, I’m still ahead of schedule. Removing the headlights means I’ve now done all of the tasks I’d planned to do this week, and I’ve also done half of next weeks. If I can get the front bumper off tomorrow, I can continue to attack the wings and doors. The fixings for them should be much less corroded!

I also managed to get a bit more paint on the walls, and the ceiling is done. The light should be able to go up tomorrow then…

So, current status is 13.86% of the way through the project having spent 72 hours on it. 320 hours to go!

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