Making progress

A reasonably productive last couple of days. Removed the brakes ok, started to remove the uprights but was thwarted by some typically corroded split pins. I bought some picks/hooks today but they didn’t work, so just had to bite the bullet and break the pins off. No big problem there, was just hoping I could do it ‘properly’…

So now all the brakes are off, the front uprights are off and the front coilovers are also off. Had some help from Alex and Jon, so the cooling system is out, dash is out, air intake is out as is the carpets. Car is looking a lot more stripped now!

I’ll crack on with labelling the now very exposed loom up when I get home from work, then the evening will probably be spent working on the rear end. I need to get some of those panels shifted before taking the engine out really.

21.2% of the way through the project! apparently…

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