A slack week

Actually, I’d say slack wasn’t the problem here. I’m already a fair way ahead of schedule, so not getting much done this week hasn’t really had a negative effect.

I’ve been thwarted removing the rear hubs, specifically, the hub nuts. Now, in hindsight and for those of you reading this before attempting your own project… slacken off the hub nuts before lifting the vehicle!

These are done up to around 190lb/ft, so ensure you have a large breaker bar at the very least! Unfortunately, I could find no way of stopping the hub rotating from the force required. We’d refitted the brakes and put the handbrake on very tight, but it still managed to turn.

I’ve therefore decided the driveshafts will come out from the diff instead. I’ve bought a crowbar to help lever them out, and a set of punch/drifts to help remove the long bolts that are holding the bottom of the hub on.

So, what have I achieved this week? I’ve removed the front lower ball joints from the wishbones and that’s about it! I could have removed the tie rods too, but I think I’ll just buy new ones.

Not at home this weekend, but I’ve got next Tuesday off when I’m planning on getting those driveshafts out and the wishbones off. Not least because somebody is coming to pick the wishbones off on Tuesday!

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