Oi! Driveshaft! Off my motor!

Getting somewhere again now. After the week off, it’s time to get back on it and I’ve had a medium amount of success tonight. I wanted to get both driveshafts off, and managed to do one. Reason being the bottom bolt holding each hub on needs bashing out and it was getting a bit late for that.

Basically, to get the driveshaft out you have to prise it away from the diff. Now I’m sure there’s a nack to doing this, and I think I stumbled on it rather than sussed it out. It seemed impossible so I was prising it a little, not getting any movement, turning it and prising it some more. In the end, it slid out really easily.

Spot the difference

So that’s where I’ve left it for tonight. Right had side ready to come out and all the wishbone bolts soaking in PlusGas. I’ve got the day off tomorrow so if I can get the driveshafts out and the wishbones off I’ll be happy.

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