Engine and box out… and more discoveries

Got a few mates over on Sunday and we managed to extract the engine and gearbox. Initial plan was to remove the box separately but getting to the top bellhousing bolts proved a right pain so we just removed it all as one.

So with the engine and box out, there were two areas I was eager to investigate. The coolant leak (which I was 100% sure was coming from the rear housing) and the occasional clutch judder.

First up, coolant leak and sure enough, that housing just didn’t seal properly.

Not a problem, that will all be swapped out when I do the coolant reroute anyway. What is a problem is this:

Looks like it’s coming from the headgasket. It was replaced last October, guess they didn’t do a very good job! That’s a shame I was hoping to get away without doing engine work.

Anyway, onto the clutch judder. Typically I think it’s bearing related on the MX5s but I must admit I’m no clutch expert so I’ll ask the greater internet for advice!

Looks like there’s plenty of meat left, but that’s an interesting ring on the inside. Let’s look at the flywheel…

Pass, I don’t know enough to diagnose really. I think I’ll remove the flywheel anyway as it’ll help with mounting it to the stand. I can then take the bits to a garage. Just got to find the adapter to plug in my impact wrench to get the bolts off!

So, all that’s left to remove from the shell now is the handbrake cable and the steering column. That’s it! Not bad going really, especially as I’ve had a week off. I’ve got lots of parts left over but if nobody wants them this week I’ll just take them to the tip. I could really do with the space back.

Finally, I phoned up Westfield and paid the remainder of the starter kit today. Just need to book a van and all will be set for the 31st. Woohoo!

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