Engine stripped

Sunday was all about stripping the engine down ready for investigations into this coolant leak. The first thing I noticed when taking it all apart was this injector:

I guess that was what caused my injector sealing issues a few months ago! I don’t think I ever fully removed that injector, or I’m completely blind and didn’t spot that. Ah well, I have spares!

The head bolts seemed tighter than expected – they’re supposed to be torqued up to 56-60 lb/ft. All came out without trouble though.

The intake ports were pretty dirty but nothing worrying.

The exhaust ports were definitely showing their 145k worth of carbon though!

Carbon build up was up to 1mm thick or so in places! Carrying on with the removal of the head and it was clear the pistons were in a similar state.

Horribly coked up but I think it’s nothing more sinister than that.

The head was similarly dirty

The head is away for checking now leaving me to get on with the final bits of the shell. Handbrake cable, rear diff and steering column. I need to get the shell gone this week as the chassis and bits get picked up next week!

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