The chassis arrives

After a slight scare (chassis had to go back to the powdercoaters the day before I picked it up as it wasn’t satisfactory), I picked the chassis up today as scheduled.

Jon is only allowed soft toys

We spent some time going through the kit making sure everything was there as required. Should have spent more time as when I got home we realised the external panels were missing, and the panels supplied were for a left hand drive car. No big problem here, I’ll get on the phone to Westfield tomorrow.

Anyway, had to make a start on something so the left hand tunnel panel was to be the first! Clamped it on, filed a bit away and then rechecked and drilled.

Unfortunately (it’s a bit hard to see) the holes at the front no longer lined up with the chassis, so I drilled new ones alongside. Remove the panel, silicone seal the chassis (ensuring the holes are covered), replace the chassis and rivet about a billion times. Voila!

That’ll do for today, I’m shattered!

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