Day 2 – a couple more panels

Stocked up on 4.2mm drill bits on the way home from work today. That should ensure I only need the one I bought yesterday for the entire project!

Westfield should have sent out the exterior panels, drivers bulkhead panel and some p-clips today which, if they arrive tomorrow will keep me occupied over the weekend.

In the meantime, it was a case of getting on with fitting what I have whilst at the same time ensuring that whatever I fitted wasn’t going to get in the way of anything further down the line. First up, passenger bulkhead.

Not too many rivets, though a few gaps that will need plugging with sealant.

Next up, drivers side tunnel, remembering not to drill or rivet the back four holes yet.

This panel was the decider for me, I have to get an air rivet gun! It will make life so much easier! Just need to negotiate stealing my brother’s compressor first…

Finally, some general photos as I forgot to take them yesterday.

It’ll be Sunday before I do any further work, where I hope to fit the drivers side bulkhead and the pedals.

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