Wishbones fitted and front suspension/uprights

Today, it started to look a lot more like a car – the wishbones got fitted. Started with the rears but couldn’t do too much as the diff wasn’t ready and neither were the uprights. At least being bolted to the car they weren’t taking up space on the garage floor.

Then the fronts were attacked. The top wishbone fixing also includes the headlamp bracket so one of the bolts is longer.

There’s a spacer to keep the headlamp bracket away from wishbone mounting, though the manual doesn’t specify what it looks like nor the dimensions of it. We guessed at this:

Carrying on, the locknuts Westfield supplied for the top ball joints didn’t have the same thread pitch, so I’ll have to phone them up tomorrow to see if I’m missing something. Other than that, everything at the front went smoothly. Nowhere in the manual did it say to fit the front suspension though, so I made an executive decision on that front. The standard manual had the same fixings for the shock, with washers each side of the mountings.

The track rod ends also aren’t attached – I’ve decided to buy new ones rather than reuse.

So, the car (or front end at least) is now looking pretty car like!

Scarily running out of things to do with the starter kit now, so I think it’s time to order the completion kit. I’ll get the deposit down on that next week and hopefully be able to get it before Christmas. I wasn’t expecting to make so much progress this weekend, so even ordering the completion kit now I think there’s going to be a gap where I’ll have nothing to do.

To complicate matters though, the engine isn’t ready to go back in. Hopefully the head will be ready next week (and even more hopefully it’ll be worth it and my block won’t be warped!). I’m also going to take the opportunity to have the flywheel lightened and balanced as well as skimmed.

Next week then, as well as forking out lots of money I’ll finish off the rear loom and hopefully get the spacer fitted to the diff. I might then be able to get the rear end finished off.

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