Painting, rear loom and steering rack

Started quite a few jobs this week, managed to finish a lot of them today.

First up, painting! A bit later doing this than planned, but as the time when they would be fitted was looming ever closer, I thought I’d best make a start. I did the front bits first:

and yes, it did end up rather pointless marking what went where. Being only two choices though I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to suss out later.

Here they are after a quick coat of POR-15:

I tidied them up a bit more, retapped some of the threads and put them back on the shelf.

Meanwhile, whilst waiting for the paint to dry, I started looking ahead to see what was required when fitting the diff. (Yes Mark, I’d finally cut it off the PPF!). It seems there was some reducer still in the diff that I needed to remove, that would need removing. So, out with the penetrating spray, decent drift and hammer. Yes, I bashed one out in the garage again 😀

The only thing I could think of whilst struggling to remove it though, was I’d only have to fit a bigger one (on the left).

I put that in the freezer and have gotten it half in, but it’s thawed and getting quite stuck. Rather than deform it with a hammer, I’ll see if I can get it in with a nut/bolt. Failing that, off to the friendly garage and borrow their press.

The rear loom was also started this week, here it is laid out over the car.

I trimmed the wires as per the manual, then started removing what wasn’t needed. This was wires for door switches, heated rear screen and the such. Looking at another build someone had used one of the door switch wires as the added handbrake cable, which was probably a good idea. Ah well, bit too late now as I’ve already removed it and added a new cable.

With the wires trimmed, I began to wrap it in loom tape.

I taped it up as far as where the splits started at the rear. I haven’t yet added all the left hand side wires as I need more lighter fluid for the soldering iron. Still, it looks good and that’s what counts!

The steering rack got some attention today too. I read, re-read, then read the manual again to be sure. It definitely says to cut 25mm off each end so out with the hacksaw.

One side done:

and the other side:

The first side wasn’t quite straight, but the nut went straight on both times with no filing required.

I then grabbed the bag with the fittings and fixed the rack to the car, using good old fairy liquid to lubricate the rubber. The bag only had four washers in whilst the manual said 8 were required. It doesn’t get torqued up yet, so I’ll source another 4 to be safe.

I don’t know if Westfield have suddenly gained the ability to work to fine tolerances, the the mountings were only just in the right place.

Lastly for the steering rack I put the extensions on just to ensure bodily injury every time I walked around the car.

The last job for today was the rear suspension. I’ll be fitting the wishbones tomorrow (having pressed the bushes in with a hydraulic press earlier in the week). The manual said the suspension comes pre-assembled, which generally means it doesn’t. Still, I soon sussed out how to get the top mount off and put the springs on. I’ve left it as high as it will go for now and will adjust it later.

Halloween party tonight, so might be a late start tomorrow!

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