Fuel tank protection bar and misplaced wiring

Ah, the infamous fuel tank protection bar… had to file off the powdercoating from the inside of the bolt holes of course but otherwise a perfect fit. The photo shows it extends just over the bolt heads, which I presume is the purpose.

The photo also shows a minor mistake on my part. I prepped the fuel tank for fitting (though didn’t swap the sender over as I won’t be using the Mazda gauges), only to fit I’ve put my wiring in entirely the wrong places!

Basically, the two looms prominent in the photo and the two going to the rear light clusters are all on the ‘inside’ of the where the fuel tank sits. Oops! No rear biggy to move it of course.

In other news, I’m yet to find the union for the fuel tank vent, and I’ve failed miserably at fitting the bearing to the steering column support so that’s gone in the freezer. As you do…

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2 Responses to Fuel tank protection bar and misplaced wiring

  1. Andy says:

    I’ve never seen a fuel tank protection bar :S

    Is this MX5 specific or new?

    • Dom says:

      It’s not Mazda SDV specific no, it’s for all cars. I think a fair few cars failed the IVA because in a rear end shunt the bolt heads could puncture the fuel tank. Westfield responded by making this bar, which if it wasn’t included in a kit they send it out free of charge from what I’ve heard.

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