Completion kit collected

Today was the day and so after collecting the hire van we set off at a leisurely pace to Gibbons industrial estate. Damn you speed limiter.

When we arrived everything was ready, but we found the van didn’t have any blankets in it. That’ll teach me for adding them on after booking it and not checking before we left. Never mind, I reaped the benefits of all that tetris playing as a youngster and everything slotted in fine.

The engine/gearbox mounts are indeed in the completion kit. Why the brackets are in the starter kit though I don’t know. Must be an oversight.

When we got back, it was time to unload.

Where the b****y hell is all that going to go? The original plan was to put the tub in the store room then the boxes could fit between it. So far, the tub is in the store room and everything else is in the garage, in and around the chassis. More tidying required!

I started going through the checklist, writing where stuff was going when I came to the first discrepancy:

It must be rare when you get extra stuff! I’ll post them back when I send the steering column off as I’m pretty sure I only paid an upgrade to the rear lights rather than the full price of a set.

Finally, I was just finishing for the day and I couldn’t resist unwrapping one of the seats:

I daren’t sit in them for the fear of going backwards onto the scuttle and causing some domino effect. They look comfy though, and the lack of ‘bucket’ on the base should mean they’re fatty friendly.

Battle should recommence on Monday. In other news, the engine is all timed up now. Still more painting required though…

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