Small jobs

A few simple jobs done this week, plus some work on the cooling which probably warrants a post on its own.

Firstly, the holes for the passenger engine mount were drilled. This was a bit tricky as it’s on a plate over where two parts of the chassis meet. You need to ensure the holes don’t go into the chassis tubes, and leave space for the washers to go on!

I paid a bit of attention to the pedals too. I chopped 8mm or so from the clutch stud, and 4mm from the brake. This meant the pedals could sit further back and has improved the driving position beyond recognition. OCD means I still need to make the brake and clutch pedal level!

I’ve also drilled the hole for the steering column to go through. Once I’ve decided on how far along I’ll mount the upper column I’ll send the middle column off to Westfield for modification.

I’ve fitted the washer bottle, just a couple of bolts. I’ve mounted it so that the bolt heads are inside the footwell meaning as little intrusion as possible. I doubt if it would be noticeable to be fair, or at least I wouldn’t notice them!

Last of the small jobs – I fitted some clips to the fuel hoses and convoluted hosing. I need to buy some more clips, because I’ve bought them the wrong size. Doh! The engine end is all done though:

I’ll need to secure them to the chassis rail to keep it all tidy.

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