Test fitting coolant pipes

The major job I started this week was fitting all the coolant parts. As mentioned previously, I’m following the “coolant re-route” so the manual and parts Westfield supply are of little use. The reroute itself is well documented on the WSCC, and the parts can be sourced from a couple of guys on there.

Firstly, and the picture suggests otherwise but it was first, I fitted the radiator:

This meant I could test fit the parts and find what else I need. First up, the route from the 1600 thermostat cover (now at the back of the block) to the radiator. The first pipe is a custom designed 90 degree bend to get it up over the exhaust manifold. I’ve had to unbolt the dipstick to achieve this so will have to make a new bracket to mount that on.

There’s an aluminum pipe that goes across the manifold, a dogleg silicon hose, then a shorter pipe to the radiator. I need to source a short section of hose to attach it to the radiator.

Back out of the radiator, there’s another dogleg to get around the chassis. As you can see, it’s a bit tight so I’ll have to trim the pipe. It’s also been suggested that I mount the bottom of the radiator on small rubber mounts which will space it out a bit and absorb the vibrations coming through the chassis.

The original thermostat housing is blanked off, and a bleed screw has been added.

So it’s just the bottom of the radiator back to the water pump to sort, with a path from there going to the throttle body (which goes across to the oil cooler then the back of the block).

Lastly, because I’ve forgotten to add it to the other post I made today, I also fitted the horns using rivnuts. Pretty simple to be fair!

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