More wiring

With the insulation mostly removed, wires could start to be removed. So far I’d done:

  • Headlight motor wiring removed
  • Headlight levelling wiring removed
  • Air conditioning wiring removed
  • Wires for the plugs around the inlet manifold shortened

So far, the wiring removed from the rear loom and this loom is a smidge over 1.5kg. Now, I’m obviously not going for the lightest the Westfield can possibly be here, but it’s nice to remove a bit of weight when it’s possible, and free.

The loom for the dash and switches was next (yup, I’m now using wiring to break up the wiring). Eventually, because I’ll be using an aftermarket dash, and I dont’ need the extra length plugging this loom in gives, I’ll totally remove it. However, I find it easier to strip this loom down so I can keep track of what I’m removing. Here’s the loom at the start:

And after removing things like heater wiring (keep in mind you’ll need the feed for the heated screen though), electric windows, mirrors and the such, it ended up like this:

Total wiring weight removed so far – 2.5kg


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