Rest of the cooling pipework

Firstly, apologies for the delays here. I encountered a few problems and wanted to get them resolved before updating the blog. That will all be covered in a later post.

Once the remaining silicone hoses arrived, I finished mocking it all up. Thankfully, it all fits and I don’t need any more hoses to finish the coolant re-route. That said, I may use orange silicon when it comes to fitting the header tank, we’ll see.

Here’s the radiator return section:

I might stick a cable tie mount on the chassis to secure the ali pipe. From there, it connects to the feed for the water pump. The two pipes coming off here go to the throttle body (small pipe) and header tank (larger pipe).

Finally, the coupling for the radiator top hose. Perhaps not the most complicated part in the build.

So I’m happy all the pipes fit. I’m currently spraying them black now – gotta stick with the theme!

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