Bit of bodywork

On my visit to the factory the other week I picked up a set of locks for the bonnet. Not really security minded, more because they’re flush. The fact they lock is just a bonus.

Tricky to fit, lots of measuring, masking, measuring, drilling, filing and general creation of orange dust. All ended well though and it clamps down a treat. Lucky really, stuff like that isn’t my strong point!

I got brave and started fitting the headlamps. I’d already removed the standard headlamp mounts which don’t get used on the FW bonnet. I test fitted the cover and taped it in place.

With the bracket held in place I marked it out and attached it to the bonnet.

And put it all together

And repeat.

It doesn’t quite fit flush on the front edges – the covers seem to be straight where the bonnet isn’t. I might just silicone them flush later on. With that done, I wanted to do something else ‘visual’ so attacked the rear arches with the infamous devastation from the dremel and drill. Arch on, holes marked, arch off, holes drilled, arch on, tub marked, arch off, holes drilled. Faint when holes actually line up! It’s fitted using Playskool’s finest plastic bolts in the hope they break before the tub when I bend it.

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