Progress and problems

I decided the car didn’t have enough swarf in it so fitted the tunnel top panels. Still waiting for the propshaft to come back at this point so they’d have to come off again later. Fitted with countersunk bolts and rivnuts so this wouldn’t be a problem.

The overlaps are probably the wrong way round in this photo, it looks like water will be able to get in, given enough spray in the right direction of course.

In other good news the modified steering column arrived back from Westfield at the desired length

I’ve kept the splined end on it so that I can use the standard Mazda seal on the bulkhead panel. It wouldn’t slip over a UJ. However, everybody on the planet apart from me will notice that a Mazda spline is not the same as the Ford one used on the lower column. Nobody makes a Mazda/Ford UJ so I’d dropped a mild clanger there. Fortunately Mark from the WSCC had a couple of Ford splines and sent them in my direction. I’d just have to get the Mazda end chopped off and a Ford end welded on.

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