Build continues – rear lights

It’s funny how post engine start it feels a different phase of the build.

I guess you can tell you’re getting towards the end by looking at the job list – that notice board is usually pretty full!

So the aims of the week were to get the rear lights fitted and trimming of the boot box started. The rear lights weren’t too bad to fit in all honesty. It was made trickier by the fact the arches are stretched slightly (tub moved forward to accommodate the FW bonnet but then lifted at the rear to fit the boot box over the mazda diff) but fitting the rubber trim (not photographed) has filled some of the gaps.

It looks like the drivers side is higher than the passenger side. To be fair it is by about 10mm, but this is natural as the tub is slightly higher on the drivers side. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll drop the fog light on the drivers side slightly – depends what it looks like. It’s not noticeable with a registration plate taped into place.

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