Swindon Meet

26th August 2013

Being reasonably good weather some of the local Swindonites on the WSCC forum organised a little meet up and drive out. We met up at a pub with a fair size car park and Stu still managed to mess up the parking:

32E2C8AA-016A-47DD-B575-65411C730A39-996-00000134792BE5C4 E3AAEE10-F8F9-4839-AC2B-0816B3BF43ED-996-000001346EC98E96After a quick chat we went out via some country roads (though losing some before even making it past the first roundabout! God bless Swindon) to another pub.

DBE653AB-D53C-4BCD-B31B-FD38E326F6A0-996-000001347DB3B835 6D5112E3-5A2C-424C-BA81-96AF10232549-996-0000013481BA1667Further chatting ensued before another spirited cross country drive back home. There’s definitely a thriving Westfield scene in Swindon and hopefully next summer will see many more of these meets and runs out

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