Registration problems?

28th August 2013

I received the V5 today and it doesn’t quite seem right. It appears as though I’ve basically got the same V5 back, but with updated information. So, make/model, chassis number, engine number, colour etc is correct, but it’s got all the previous information on it. Things like previous owner, date I bought it etc.

A note has been added to do with something about SVA/IVA certificate and some emissions ratings but that’s it.

I was expecting a V5 with the date of first registration as this month, and some note saying it was built from old parts. It seems they’ve confused what I’ve done with a ‘rebody’ such as putting a Ferrari-like kit on an MR2.

I’ll phone up tomorrow and see what’s what. They did ask if the chassis was destroyed which made me think it was all ok. I thought they were just being efficient by scrapping the MX5 and reusing the plate at the same time.

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