Track day at Abingdon

17th August 2012

I woke up on time. I started loading the car onto the trailer. I spectacularly underestimated how long it would take me to load the car! I guesstimated 10 minutes which I could do now but it took me a lot longer.

I first had the trailer flat, put down the ramps and slowly made my way on. Then I grounded the chassis hoop whilst ‘breaking over’. Back off the trailer, raise the nose height and I was on. I levelled the trailer back off, stowed the ramps then got to work strapping it down. By this time I’d already told those I was supposed to be meeting to leave without me! I got there in the end though and the car was nice and secure the whole journey. I arrived just in time to catch the briefing but would have to sign on afterwards.

Springs obviously not chosen with towing in mind!

Springs obviously not chosen with towing in mind!

I signed on then jumped in another Westfield as passenger for the sighter lap. After this and with the first cars rolling out on track I unloaded the Westfield and got it noise tested. A mere 92db, such a civilised creation!

Eventually I went out for my first few laps and Matt jumped in as passenger. The first lap was sedate just looking out for the brake markers and turn in points and I upped the pace slightly for the second lap. And on the second corner of the second lap the back end let go and couldn’t be persuaded to step back in line! Fortunately it wasn’t busy and I was able to finish the lap and come and in consider what happened. I initially blamed a mid corner bump coupled with a lack of alignment on the wheels but in hindsight it’s more likely because I was still on the brakes when I turned in. The bump may well have been a factor but as I never spun again and hit that bump numerous times I think it was all kicked off by a moment of ineptitude!

I did a few more ‘sessions’ (it was open pit lane mind) getting better and better and I ended up keeping up with the MX5s. Which must have meant the money invested in this project effectively hid my fast driving deficiencies!

The 'group'

The ‘group’

Orange is a good look

Orange is a good look

Going in a straight line for once

Going in a straight line for once

Unfortunately I had to cut the day short at 2:30pm so I could get home, unload the Westfield, drop the trailer off and go camping. Still, I definitely enjoyed it and hope for many more in 2013!

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