DVLA Inspection Day

21 August 2013

A relatively simple process. I got the car transported to the DVLA office by a local recovery company and after a 10 minute inspection and a quick bit of paperwork I was given my tax disc and the car was road legal! Fortunately I was assigned the same registration number as the donor so when I got home I could quickly stick the plates on and go for a drive.

1 hour later I was home, car unloaded and plates affixed. I decided to surprise my son by picking him up from his holiday club in it. I think it made his day more than mine! Mother nature soon intervened and turned a nice sunny day into a torrential downpour and we both go drenched. There was so much water in the bootbox I think it would have happily given a goldfish a home. A comical first drive then but my enthusiasm wasn’t as dampened as I was.

After all that time, effort and money it was finally road legal. Job done.

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