Suspension setup

Only a year late but I’ve finally had the suspension all set up and corner weighted. Alignment prior to this wasn’t the best, all colluding to chronic understeer.

I dropped the car off at Track Developments who took initial weights with me in it. Excluding me, the car came in at 624kg with the vast majority of a tank of fuel. It’s a little heavier than I expected and a little demoralising considering I’ve never knowingly gone for a heavy option. I chose the wheels because they were the lightest for instance. My initial suspects on this weight are the sport turbo seats, but I’m also mindful that the car isn’t that heavy, coming in just under a zetec in full road trim.

I’ve asked for the setup to lean to a pointier front end which is something I prefer. I’ve not driven it hard yet (my catch tank hasn’t been that successful so I’m leaking oil out of the cam cover), but initial impressions are that this has been achieved.

There is a downside though – the car has been lowered slightly and now it scrapes getting it into the garage. I’ll have to try reversing in and if that doesn’t work, get all four corners raised slightly.

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