Carbon CSR Style Wings

So after the ‘Westfield interface’ incident at Hullavington I sourced a second hand pair of carbon CSR style wings, literally 5 minutes from my house. I must admit I’m not usually a fan of CSR style wings, they have to be mounted just right to work. However, they were cheap and couldn’t be any worse than the gaffa taped effort at the moment, so why not…

These wings already had big head bolt/nuts fibreglassed in. Turns out I should have done the same rather than bolts in all four corners. Doh! Schoolboy error that. Anyway, this meant that the holes in my wing stays had to match, so plenty of bending and redrilling was required. Eventually, I got the first fit of the passenger side done.

First fitment First fitmentAt this stage, it was sitting too high, too far backwards and too far towards the engine. Another couple of hours fettling the wing stays ensued and I got to this:

Second fit Second fitBetter. Not great, but better. It can’t go much closer at the back else the fixings will rub the tyre. I think I can bring the front closer slightly, and outwards a touch more. I’ll take a look at that once I’ve fitted the other side.

I’ve also had to lose my side repeaters in the process. Undecided on what to do about that.

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