Mapping complete. Results in.

Loaded the car on the trailer this morning and took it down to Nick at Skuzzle Motorsport. We managed to get the bodies balanced on the butterflies themselves though it’s something I’ll have to keep an eye on. It wouldn’t affect full throttle so it was good to get mapping.

It didn’t take too long to map, apparently there wasn’t a need to revisit cells or some other terminology. By lunchtime, Nick came out with a smile on his face.


That’s 148.6bhp at the wheels, or around 167-170 at the fly. I’m quite pleased with that result, I was only expecting around 150 at the fly and I’ve pretty much gotten that at the wheels. The shape of the graph is also pretty good. There’s a minor dip just after 5.5k rpm which Nick suggested as most likely a misfire. He recommended trying iridium plugs so I’ll give them a go.

Can’t wait to see what it drives like at the track day next Friday. Small matter of an MOT first. Will deal with that in the week, going to have a break from the garage for now.

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1 Response to Mapping complete. Results in.

  1. Great work Dom, a nice power curve too! Getting a few interesting options around engine mods for the MX5 cars now…

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