More coolant progress and inlet manifold cleaning

Parts have been arriving over the last couple of days. First up was this:

I wanted the S-shaped hose you use at the bottom of the radiator but could only find new-old stock rubber ones on eBay. However, there are some similar ones for the Datsun 240z, just a big longer. I ordered a kit of them so that I could cut them to size. Having two in the kit just meant I had a spare! £23.40 so well priced.

I popped it onto the thermostat housing and it comes quite close to the end of the pipe I’ve moved:

Certainly too close to get a 90 degree silicone bend in there! As above though, it will get trimmed to fit.

Today, the following arrived:

So that’s (from right to left)… a wideband oxygen sensor so I’ll know I’m going to blow the engine up before I blow it up (with boss to get welded onto the downpipe)… sealant for the sump as I’ll need to take that off to drill the fitting for the turbo oil drain… 90 degree silicone bend to compliment the hoses above… and a boost control solenoid. This will be so I can go above normal wastegate pressure (which I think is about 7psi).

I test fitted the 90 degree bend and as expected, they overlap a LOT.

This picture shows they are level vertically though which is good news. I’ve not trimmed them down because I’m still waiting for the joiner to be delayed. Ash hoses have helpfully told me it’s been delayed but not actually said when it has been delayed until.

I popped the downpipe back on and the coolant lines are well clear:

After that err… minor progress, I randomly turned my attention to the inlet manifold. I don’t trust my bike throttle bodies to hold boost! I’ve got the inlet manifold from the mk2.5 MX5, often referred to as the flat top. The American MX5/Miata guys go mad for these so there must be some benefit to running them. The benefit for me is that it fits…

I started to strip it down to clean it up before painting it. A good thing I did really, else I’d never have spotted this:

That would have been a tricky to find boost leak, if I’d even notice it at all.

A few bolts and clips later and it was disassembled.

Not exactly the cleanest of things in there:

Lovely. I cleaned it up and will try and get some paint on them at the weekend.

Before I finished for the day I had a quick look at the coolant lines for the turbo. As expected, the inlet one wasn’t long enough:

But the outlet one was fine:

Not the fault of the guy who made the kit. Normally the thermostat bypass lines are at the front of the engine. I just happen to have moved the thermostat to the back of the engine to compensate for there being no heater.

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